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Commercial Real Estate for Sale in Staten Island, NY

You need adequate space with the necessary amenities to run a business successfully. Business owners in Staten Island, NY, can find commercial properties using the complete listings and real estate consulting assistance from PreReal, Prendamano Real Estate. Learn more about our professional services and commercial real estate for sale in our Staten Island, NY area.

Advantages to Purchasing Commercial Real Estate in Staten Island

Before acquiring commercial property for your business, you should weigh the differences between buying and renting, since each comes with distinct benefits. Advantages of purchasing a property include:

Opportunities for Additional Cash Flow

When you purchase commercial space, you gain the unique opportunity to increase your business’s cash flow. For instance, if you buy a big enough property, you may have extra space to rent out to partnering companies. This tenant income can go toward a variety of purposes, including:

  • Easing the cost of purchasing the property
  • Conducting improvements or additions
  • Lowering your business’s expenses
  • Stimulating the growth of your company

Ability to Cater the Property to Your Business

Buying property gives you more flexibility to modify the space to fit your needs. Say you obtain a property in the perfect location but with sub-par amenities. Purchasing the commercial space allows you to make the changes you feel are necessary to secure your company’s success.

Build Equity

Another benefit to purchasing your commercial space is it enables you to build equity. As you enhance the property, its value will increase over time, putting you in the position to make a profit should you decide to sell in the future.

Potential for Tax Deductions

Choosing to buy business property instead of renting also will provide you with tax benefits. As the property owner, you can deduct interest and depreciation on your building to receive a tax break. The New York State’s Department of Taxation and Finance details common property tax exemptions for businesses.

Types of Commercial Real Estate For Sale in Staten Island

Your industry plays a significant role in determining which commercial property best meets your operational needs. The commercial space should be an asset to your company, allowing it to function more efficiently and cost-effectively. At PreReal, Prendamano Real Estate, an exclusive buyer agent can help you find the following types of commercial properties for sale:

  • Office
  • Retail
  • Mixed-use
  • Manufacturing & warehouses
  • Land commercial
  • Non-conforming use

Find the Ideal Property for Your Business in Staten Island

Discover the PreReal advantage by working with us to find a commercial space for your business. Our highly knowledgeable and trained real estate agents will work closely with you to locate the ideal property for your bottom line. Contact PreReal, Prendamano Real Estate for more information about commercial real estate for sale in Staten Island, NY.