Santa is coming to town!

Breakfast with Santa PreReal

The holidays are a time of giving. It's one of the things we do best. We give gifts to our loved ones and donate to charities or even sponsor an event to spread kindness and joy all around us. Join Prendamano Real Estate "PreReal" with our CEO, James Prendamano, as we sponsor a Table for this autism-friendly event - The GRACE Foundation's Breakfast with Santa.

About The GRACE Foundation

The GRACE Foundation is a non-profit organization established to improve the lives of individuals and families impacted by Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).

The GRACE Foundation provides innovative and progressive programs and services for individuals impacted by Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Each and every day, they pride…

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The Staten Island Pride Center, which supports the local LGBTQ community, has been an advocate for diversity and inclusion in Staten Island. This community center works hard every day to support Staten Islanders of all identities and host events such as Giving Tuesday to provide support.

Staten Island Pride Center

The Pride Center of Staten Island hosted an event to raise awareness and support for the LGBTQ community through donations. The money raised will go towards providing medical services, substance abuse programs, education, and other resources that will help the members.

One of the events hosted by S.I. Pride Center is the #GivingTuesday. Giving Tuesday is an event to celebrate success and thank those who supported them. As, Prendamano Real Estate “PreReal”,…

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Buying a home is often the largest purchase that people ever make. Daunting, isn’t it? Study this guide for some pointers on how to move through the home buying process.

Financial Readiness. 

Study your finances. Save, save, and save! Get serious about crunching numbers in your budget to figure out how much you’ll be able to save for a down payment, and how much disposable income can go towards homeownership expenses including your mortgage, utilities, and taxes. Knowing your finances like the back of your hand will only make you more prepared when it comes down to determining how much house you can afford, and what you feel comfortable spending every month. It is important to keep that same meticulous energy when it comes to your credit. Curb your…

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There's no doubt that Staten Island has some of the top business leaders.

James Prendamano is one of them! He is honored to be recognized as one of the Top 31 Business Leaders on Staten Island! 

James Prendamano Top 31 Business Leaders SIEDC

He is the Founder and CEO of Prendamano Real Estate “PreReal”, Staten Island’s premier real estate firm specializing in all facets of transactional real estate. James’ success in Real Estate brought him to be appointed by the Mayor of New York City to several positions. He is also a philanthropist, donating to various charities each year. Together with Prendamano Real Estate “PreReal” Team - they helped many businesses and currently, is ranked as one of the largest real estate brokerage firms in the Borough of Staten Island with decades of experience in…

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This is a story about how one company has given back this year by providing thanksgiving turkeys for those who need them most.
Verrazano Kiwanis Turkey Drive is a tradition for Staten Island residents. The event has grown significantly over the years and now benefits many charitable organizations! Verrazano Kiwanis Turkey Drive PreReal
In the weeks leading up to Thanksgiving, there is a tradition among many people of giving back. This year, Prendamano Real Estate “PreReal” and Celia Iervasi dropped off 160 Turkeys to Project Hospitality who helps meet basic human needs for more than 10,000 people each year and has served Staten Island, Canvas Institute who serves as an entry point into our community for adults with psychiatric disabilities, and Eggers Nursing Home in Staten Island…

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Verrazano Kiwanis Club of Staten Island


The Verrazano Kiwanis of Staten Island is a dedicated group of men and women who are committed to supporting the children in the world. They sponsor many fundraisers throughout the year, and strive to make sure that every child has access to high-quality education and healthcare. This Kiwanis Club chapter is part of a 660,000 member organization dedicated to serving the children of the world and raising 100 million dollars for children's charities. 

We're thrilled to join this upstanding organization and look forward to making a difference in our community. Prendamano Real Estate “PreReal” CEO James Prendamano said " When Celia brought this important opportunity to my attention, the decision to join was easy". We are honored to be…

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hottest real estate market

As we approach 2022, it's time to start thinking about investments for the following decade, whether a new automobile, a fancy kitchen appliance, or purchasing an off-plan property.


Whether you're trying to earn a profit or invest in a property that will increase in value over time, Business Insider spoke to real estate brokers and experts who forecasted what the 15 hottest real estate areas would be in the new decade.

Continue reading to find out more about the hottest new spots to call home.

New York's Long Island City:

According to Eric Benaim, CEO of Queens-based brokerage firm Modern Spaces, Long Island City is a hot market right now and will be for the next ten years.

"In the previous decade, Long Island City has transformed…

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A fence is a great way to keep your property looking neat and tidy. Beyond that, there are many other benefits of having a fence around your property. Some of the most obvious benefits are security, privacy, respectability for neighbors, safety for children and pets when playing in the yard. Here are five benefits of having a fence around your property.

Flowers around property

Benefits Of Fencing Around Your Property

One of the most popular things to do around your property is installing a fence. Fences can be made out of wood or metal with different spikes on top to keep intruders out. There are also fences that provide shade so you feel cooler in the summertime or warmer in wintertime depending on which side is facing away from the sun. There are many options when it…

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The real estate industry is exceedingly profitable and holds the potential for continuous growth. As the demand for properties continues to increase, it results in tight competition in the market. Today, websites that offer property listings allow sellers to put up properties for sale or rent while buyers can readily check out the available options.  

If you're in the house selling industry, you need to find a way to stand out from the competition. One approach that's worth trying is providing a virtual property tour.  

Benefits of virtual tours

What Is A Virtual House Tour? 

Throughout the years, virtual reality (VR) has become a standard feature in various industries. The technology allows industries to provide clients with a glimpse of their services and products.

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Changing your home setting is never an easy task. You have to go through a number of things in order to create the best possible living environment. The best thing you can do in the very beginning is to create a list of priorities. Sort out the ones you can finish, by the way, so you can avoid the waste of time. Time is the key factor whenever you are changing something in your home. You want to finish it as fast as possible, but, unfortunately, some of the renovations take too much time and are too complex to be figured out in just a couple of days. So, in order to prepare you for your renovation, we offer you some help. All the helpful tips you can find here in the text. 

  1. Make a List 

Step 1: Grab a piece of paper and pen. Write…

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