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Commercial Warehouses For Lease In Staten Island, NY

Finding and renting a commercial warehouse for your business is a major step in the growing process. With the help of PreReal, Prendamano Real Estate, business owners can easily search for an industrial facility that meets the needs of their business. We serve Staten Island, NY, with real estate consulting services, investment services, tenant representation, and more. Learn more about our commercial
warehouses for rent.

Types Of Commercial Warehouses For Rent

Many industrial buildings are designed to carry out various business tasks. Depending on what you are doing with your warehouse, it can fall into different sub-categories. These sub-categories can determine what you’ll need to run your industrial space. The different types of industrial buildings include:

  • Distribution and storage warehouse: This type of building includes facilities that hold products for other companies. They also are responsible for distributing goods to their designated locations. Distribution and storage warehouses combine office space with industrial space, with most of it dedicated to industrial applications. Your warehouse can be a truck terminal,
    distribution warehouse, or general warehouse.
  • Flex industrial space: This is a flexible industrial warehouse that houses many aspects of the business process. Compared to other facilities, flex warehouses typically dedicate more space to offices and other business elements. Business owners can use their larger area for a variety of applications. This depends on the needs of your business and what you’re looking to manufacture, store, or distribute.
  • Manufacturing: This is ideal for business owners who require loading docks, manufacturing space, and office space. Manufacturing warehouses can separate into two different sub-groups: light assembly or heavy manufacturing. Light assembly businesses usually manufacture smaller parts and equipment, making a space easy to move into because it won’t require renovations. Heavy manufacturing spaces require more extensive renovations to accommodate heavy-duty equipment.

Find Leasing Assistance At PreReal, Prendamano Real Estate

Before officially leasing a commercial space, there are many things to consider. First, you should evaluate your ideal location and the size of your facility. In addition, you’ll want to decide on a commercial lease term that works best for your business. There are two types of commercial leases from which you can choose:

  • Net lease: This is where tenants pay monthly rent in addition to other fees. These fees depend on what you need for your business. This can include all maintenance costs such as utilities, cleaning services, garbage services, etc.
  • Gross lease: This is a lease that covers all expenses you would typically be responsible for in a net lease. However, your monthly rent is higher to accommodate the included utilities.

The experienced team at PreReal, Prendamano Real Estate can assist you with making the best decision for you and your business. To learn more about our commercial warehouses for rent in Staten Island, NY, contact us today.