About Prendamano Real Estate

The team at PreReal brings decades of experience in all facets of Real Estate.  Through traditional methods we won a number of awards, cultivated a solid book of business, and worked hard keeping our community first.  However, the landscape is changing quickly as technology disrupts at every turn.

This new age has brought new consumers, geographical changes, and new demands on the modern day real estate agent.  Deal-makers must expand their teams to include digital marketers and programmers.  Sustainability has become the pillar of our industry, not a footnote.  "Location, Location, Location" has taken on a whole new meaning, a world where your digital positioning is just as important as the physical.

Our vision is clear.  Prendamano Real Estate has harmoniously blended the best elements of a leading local brokerage and brought it to scale with disruptors across the board.  From proprietary software to a world class institute, the PreReal Team is building a scalable brand that delivers excellence in all areas of real estate.

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