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Oakwood Staten Island is located in the east-central area of the Island, bordering the eastern shore. Historically the area was mostly comprised of farmland and beach resorts along the Oakwood Beach shoreline. The suburbanization and expansion of Oakwood and Oakwood Heights homes and other real estate began around the mid 20th century when population spiked after the completion of the Verrazzano-Narrows Bridge, connecting Staten Island to Brooklyn. Oakwood homes for sale can start around or below $500,000 and go through the $1,000,000 mark. The area has vast natural preserves and is bordered on the south by the Staten Island Unit of the Gateway National Recreation Area, also known locally as Great Kills Park. Check out an Oakwood house for sale to take a peek into beach neighborhood life.

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Oakwood is a beautiful neighborhood in east central Staten Island, New York. The area borders Tysens Lane on its north side; the Atlantic Ocean to the east with Great Kills Park as well south towards Kensico Street and Clarke Avenue providing it’s west boundary where Oakwoods sits majestically among some of New York City most prestigious neighborhoods including Westbury & Armonk which are also part if “the towns” outside this one city known for being home or people who work at places like IBM Corporation headquartered just thirty minutes away up Route 59 from Exit 14 Expressway depending how you want get there).

The neighborhood has a strong sense of identity and culture that can be attributed, in part at least-to its proximity to one their most famous features: The coast. A common saying among locals Attributable here is “the truth will come out when you’re bored enough.” With an abundance or history dating back before European colonization–from when the first Dutch settlers arrived through present day life on these shores with all its ups & downs -the residents have always found beauty where others might overlook it

Oakwood is a serene community that has been steadily suburbanizing for over 50 years. The Staten Island Tunnel connected this small town to New York City in 1964, which led developers and builders from all around NYC coming here because of its proximity as well as an oceanfront location on top iced tea shops!