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Midland Beach Staten Island lies along there east-central coast of the Island, also known as mid-island. The neighborhood is bordered by the Island’s New Dorp Beach and South Beach. During the late 19th century and early 20th century, Midland Beach was a popular beach getaway destination primarily from Manhattan, Newark, and New Jersey residents. The beach hotspot attracted everyone from tourists to summer home goers. The beach neighborhood had trolleys, hotels, amusement attractions, a casino, a fishing pier, and entertainment venues. Today Midland Beach maintains small recreational attractions for families with kids and is home to a veterans memorial honoring Staten Island residents who served in World War, World War 2, and the Korean and Vietnam Wars. Check out Midland Beach homes for sale to get an idea of the beach neighborhood life that’ll afford you an unclose view of the fireworks at Midland Beach.

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Midland Beach is a cute little neighborhood on the east side of Staten Island. It’s known for its serene, peaceful atmosphere that isn’t too busy like some other parts can get during rush hour traffic or when there are festivals going down in certain areas around town!

The neighborhood is bordered by Grant City to the northwest and New Dorp Beach. To its southeast are Graham Beaches, South of that lies Poultney Street/Laconia Avenue which leads you into Seaview Ave where there’s also another section right next door! Miller Field forms most parts southwest border while Prescot Ave goes eastwards before meeting up with LNB Bayou.

Midland Beach has been part of NYC since 1815, when it became an incorporated village in what was then Richmond County. The 122nd Precinct provides law enforcement services for this area.