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What is an Exclusive Buyer’s Agent?

The buyer’s agent is a real estate professional who guides buyers through the process of purchasing homes in Staten Island, NY. As a representative for clients in these real estate transactions, they have legal obligations to protect your interests and work hard at ensuring you’re getting what’s best available on market today!

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Why Hire an Exclusive Buyer’s Agent in Staten Island, NY?

By hiring an Exclusive Buyer’s Agent, buyers are protected by a professional who is acting only for them. Agents have a duty of loyalty towards their client which means that they must work hard to ensure the best interests of each party remain intact throughout negotiations; this ensures both buyer satisfaction as well as seller honesty when it comes time for closing escrow The EBA fee covers much more than just real estate because these professionals also provide other services such like a home inspection or even counseling on how best manage your money.

Working as a buyer’s agent, one is responsible for acting as an expert on their clients’ behalf throughout the home-buying process. The real estate professional will guide them through each step and ensure that they are getting what’s best suited out there in terms of houses fitting those needs; making sure everything goes smoothly from start to finish!

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What Exclusive Buyer’s Agents Do:

Find Listings

The buyer’s agent will ask buyers about their needs and preferences to determine what home they want. They’ll use that information in order to find appropriate properties for them, then send those matches along with listings as new ones come on the market!

Schedule Showings

When the buyers decide which residential listings they would like to view, their agent will contact the listing agents. They can either go on a property tour with them or if it is for sale by owner (FSBO), then an appointment has been scheduled at this time so that you may see your potential new home!

Price Consultation

When the buyer finds their ideal home, an agent will ask about any potential issues with it. This may affect how desirable or expensive that property is in comparison to others on market at time of purchase. The agent will run a comparative market analysis to determine an appropriate offering price for the property based on similar properties that have recently sold in this area. The buyer should make their own offer after consulting with agents and getting clarification about what they are looking for, but it is recommended against making any offers without conducting research first because there may be more than one reason why someone would want your home!


When making an offer on behalf of their client, buyers’ agents will often negotiate both price and terms. They’ll let clients know if any counteroffers are made by sellers as well as consult them about whether to accept or amend those offers before coming back with a decision for each individual situation. Buyer’s Agents can also provide advice such that one may make his/her own offer more competitive through things like eliminating contingencies or adjusting closing deadlines- all while keeping within budget!

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