Staten Island, known for its dynamic blend of residential charm and booming commercial spots, presents a prime property, ripe for the picking. At 3611 Victory Blvd, businesses have the chance to tap into a location that's both strategic and abundant in its offerings.

3611 Victory blvd

Bloomfield: The Commercial Epicenter

Bloomfield, a neighborhood in Staten Island, isn't just another location on the map. It stands as a bustling business hub, seamlessly weaving the advantages of strategic location with the benefits of a growing commercial district. Imagine having your business rooted in a place that's both thriving and offers easy connectivity to other major hubs. That's Bloomfield for you!

Dive Deeper: What 3611 Victory Blvd Offers

When you hear "7,500 +/- SF of M1-1 zoned land," it might sound like just numbers and codes. But let's unravel that. The vast expanse of this property means more room to breathe, operate, and expand. It's like having a blank canvas, waiting for the right artist to craft a masterpiece.

The M1-1 zoning, in particular, is a golden ticket. This zoning type is crafted for light industrial functions. If you're a business that requires expansive space, such as contractors, those with a fleet of trucks, or heavy machinery and equipment, this space is practically tailor-made for you.

The Unmissable Features

Positioning close to key highways, especially the Staten Island Expressway, is a boon. It's not just about the convenience of transportation but also the speed and efficiency it brings to operations. The expressway acts as a rapid channel, ensuring your business remains on the fast track, always.

But what about the property specifics?

1.     Utility Ready: Before setting up shop, there's always the concern of utilities. At 3611 Victory Blvd, you're all set. Every utility you'd need to kickstart operations is available and waiting.

2.     Secure & Structured: Safety and security are paramount. Here, every inch of the property spells safety. It's paved to perfection and gated, ensuring your business assets remain safeguarded round the clock.

Meet the Minds: Robert Nixon & Thomas Perretta

Behind every prime property lies a team of visionaries. In this case, it's Robert Nixon and Thomas Perretta. These names aren't new to the real estate realm of Staten Island. Representing PreReal, Prendamano Real Estate, they've curated and presented numerous properties, each resonating with excellence and opportunity. With 3611 Victory Blvd, they introduce another gem, setting the stage for businesses to flourish.

Think about it – when you have industry stalwarts backing a property, doesn't it amplify your confidence in the investment?

Why Should This Be Your Next Business Move?

Every business decision, especially ones involving real estate, needs thorough thought. It's not just about the space or the location but the potential growth it promises. This vacant land in Staten Island's industrial hub is like fertile soil, waiting for the right seed.

The opportunities are immense:

·        Contractors: Space is a luxury. Here, it's a given. Your projects, teams, and equipment will find ample room to operate without constraints.

·        Businesses with Trucks: Fleet management becomes a breeze. The expansive parking ensures smooth operations, minimizing delays.

·        Equipment Storage: Heavy machinery and equipment require safety and space. This property promises both, ensuring your assets remain undamaged and ready for use.

To sum it up, 3611 Victory Blvd isn't just a property; it's a promise – a promise of growth, efficiency, and unmatched potential. It's a call to businesses that envision a future devoid of spatial constraints, where operations flow smoothly, and growth knows no bounds.

In Conclusion

Staten Island's 3611 Victory Blvd stands as a beacon for businesses seeking to elevate their operational game. With its vast expanse, strategic location, and the backing of industry experts like Robert Nixon and Thomas Perretta, it's an opportunity one shouldn't miss.

If your business craves space, strategic location, and the promise of growth, it's time to turn your gaze towards this prime commercial property for lease. After all, why settle for ordinary when you can aim for the extraordinary?

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