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Lighthouse Point: The Future of Customizable Office Spaces

Lighthouse Point: Location and Accessibility

Situated on the Bay Street waterfront, Lighthouse Point is ideally located next to Empire Outlets and the Staten Island Ferry terminal. This prime location offers easy access to the Courthouse, Staten Island train, local buses, and the new Fast Ferry, ensuring that your team and clients can reach your office with ease.

Mixed-use Development

Lighthouse Point is a unique mixed-use development that encompasses over 100 residential apartments, retail shops, restaurants, and offices. This dynamic ecosystem creates a vibrant community where your business can benefit from a diverse mix of neighbors and amenities.

Private Lobby and Elevator Access

One of the many perks of Lighthouse Point is the private lobby entrance and elevator access that give your office space an exclusive, high-end feel. This feature ensures a professional and private environment for you and your clients.

5 Bay Street: Class A Office Spaces by PreReal™, Prendamano Real Estate

Office Space Features

PreReal™, Prendamano Real Estate presents up to 25,000 SF of Class A office space for lease at Lighthouse Point. These office spaces range from 10,000 to 25,000 SF and are designed to meet the needs of various industries.

Building to Suit Your Needs

One of the greatest advantages of leasing office space at 5 Bay Street is the flexibility to design your ideal workspace. The owners will build to suit, making these spaces perfect for medical facilities, schools, and a wide range of other businesses.

Stunning Views and Atmosphere

The office spaces at 5 Bay Street offer breathtaking views of the Manhattan skyline and New York Harbor, providing an inspiring and motivating atmosphere for your team.

Industries Benefiting from Customizable Office Spaces at Lighthouse Point

Medical Facilities

Customizable office spaces at Lighthouse Point allow medical professionals to create an efficient and comfortable environment for both patients and staff. With plenty of room for exam rooms, reception areas, and waiting rooms, these spaces are perfect for any medical practice.

Educational Institutions

Whether you’re establishing a new school or expanding an existing one, Lighthouse Point’s customizable office spaces are ideal for educational institutions.


Corporate Offices

Lighthouse Point’s customizable office spaces are perfect for businesses looking to create a dynamic and productive corporate environment. With the ability to design your office layout, you can optimize teamwork, communication, and productivity.

Creative Agencies

For creative agencies, having a workspace that fosters innovation and collaboration is essential. Lighthouse Point’s customizable office spaces allow you to design an open floor plan that encourages creativity and teamwork.

Additional Amenities at 5 Bay Street

ADA Accessibility

5 Bay Street ensures accessibility for all employees and clients by being fully ADA-compliant. This feature demonstrates your commitment to inclusivity and equal opportunities.

Ample Parking

Finding parking in New York can be a challenge, but at 5 Bay Street, ample tenant parking is available. This convenience makes it easier for both employees and clients to visit your office.

Signage Opportunities

Make your presence known with exceptional signage opportunities on Bay Street. This high-visibility location is perfect for attracting new clients and establishing your brand.


Unlock your business’s potential with customizable office spaces at Lighthouse Point. With a prime location, stunning views, and a wide range of industries catered for, 5 Bay Street, Staten Island, New York, is the perfect choice for businesses looking to elevate their workspace. Thanks to PreReal™, Prendamano Real Estate, you can design your perfect office space and reap the benefits of a vibrant mixed-use community.


Frequently Asked Questions

What industries are suitable for Lighthouse Point’s customizable office spaces?

  1. Lighthouse Point’s customizable office spaces cater to a wide range of industries, including medical, education, corporate offices, and creative agencies.

Are the office spaces at 5 Bay Street ADA accessible?

  1.                   Yes, 5 Bay Street is fully ADA compliant, ensuring accessibility for all employees and clients.

What is the size range of the office spaces available at 5 Bay Street?

  1.                   Office spaces at 5 Bay Street range from 10,000 to 25,000 SF.

What kind of views can I expect from the office spaces at 5 Bay Street?

  1.                   The office spaces at 5 Bay Street offer breathtaking views of the Manhattan skyline and New York Harbor.

What transportation options are available near Lighthouse Point?

  1.                   Lighthouse Point offers convenient access to the Staten Island Ferry terminal, local buses, Staten Island train, the Courthouse, and the new Fast Ferry.


Lease with the Expert: Rob Nixon

Discover the prestigious 5 Bay Street commercial Class A office space for lease in Triangle Equities’ Lighthouse Point, proudly presented by Rob Nixon, the top listing agent at PreReal™ Prendamano Real Estate. Boasting years of expertise in the commercial real estate market, Rob has an unrivaled understanding of the unique demands of premium office spaces. His deep knowledge of Lighthouse Point, coupled with his mastery of strategic marketing, ensures your business will secure the ideal office location in this coveted address.


Elevate your business to new heights by partnering with Rob Nixon for your 5 Bay Street office space leasing needs. Rob’s unwavering commitment to client satisfaction and his relentless pursuit of excellence guarantee you’ll receive the highest level of professional service. His dedication extends beyond the lease agreement, fostering long-term relationships built on trust, integrity, and shared success. Don’t compromise when it comes to your business’s future – reach out to Rob Nixon at PreReal™ Prendamano Real Estate and secure your place at the prestigious 5 Bay Street Lighthouse Point today.

Robert Nixon

Cell: 718-866-8683

Work Phone: 718-200-7799

Email: rob@prereal.com


Contact us NOW!

Ready to elevate your business and unlock its full potential? Don’t miss this unique opportunity at Lighthouse Point!


Contact PreReal™ today and let our experts help you design the perfect office space tailored to your needs. Take the first step towards your business’s success – call us now!

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