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Todt Hill is the highest natural point in the five boroughs of New York City and the highest elevation on the entire Eastern Seaboard from Florida to Cape Cod. The summit of the ridge is largely covered in woodlands as part of the Staten Island Greenbelt, although much of the surrounding area is developed and residential. It is considered one of the most exclusive and most expensive areas of Staten Island, making it one of the most sought-after places to live in Staten Island. Todt Hill homes for sale are opulent and stately while also having the benefits of being close to natural spaces and greenbelts. This is a nature lover’s dream, with Todt Hill having the highest elevation on the Atlantic Coast at more than 400 feet. Schools and exceptional local amenities are also associated with this neighborhood, which makes it great for families of all ages and sizes. Those looking to get away from the chaos of hectic city life will also find themselves in love with this uniquely beautiful place.

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Real Estate in Todt Hill

Todt Hill real estate is absolutely breathtaking with its stone-work exteriors, big property lots, and private cul-de-sacs. Streets wind elegantly into crescents and arteries while big trees follow along sidewalks and fill backyards. Experience living spaces of up to 11,000 square feet or more, as well as lots twice as large or bigger. Views of the surrounding neighborhood are spectacular and thick with red oak, white ash, and many other tree species.

Prices reflect the stunning nature of Todt Hill and begin at around $700,000. The more expensive properties go for 6 million dollars or more. Experience luxury colonial-style homes at their very finest, with multiple balconies to take in the view and ornate double doors that will make you feel like royalty.

If you go for a walk through Todt Hill, you’ll find impressive luxury estates, professionally landscaped gardens, and private roads. It’s incredibly peaceful and very quiet; for some, it may even feel like a permanent vacation. Roads wind and twist in every imaginable direction, making getting lost almost as fun as reaching your destination.

A little further east from Todt Hill’s impressive height, you can find ranch- and bungalow-style homes. These are much closer to local amenities, but they’re not as private or as quiet.

Life in Todt Hill

Serene and quiet are two ways to describe Todt Hill. If you’re after a permanent retreat that’s close to green belts and boasts some of the lowest traffic noise in New York, then this neighborhood is for you. See below for some of the neighborhood’s best parks and natural spaces:

  • Todt Hill Woodlands
  • Richmond Parkway
  • Saint Francis Woodlands
  • Deere Park
  • Manor Park

If you fancy a game of golf, but don’t want to travel too far, then head over to the brilliant Richmond County Country Club. It features breathtaking views of both the golf course and the surrounding neighborhood, as well as fantastic food. Plan events with outstanding staff and services like seminars, presentations, and weddings or simply enjoy the game.

Head to some of New York’s best beaches, which are just minutes from Todt Hill. Fall in love with miles upon miles of sand while soaking in the views of Upper Bay, Gravesend Bay, and Lower Bay. Go swimming, let your bare feet sink into the sand, or head out for a fishing trip to catch striped bass, bluefish, and many other exciting species.

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