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New Springville Staten Island lives towards the center of the Island. By the early 19th Century the community included a dock (on Richmond Creek) and several freshwater springs, leading to its being renamed first Springville, then later New Springville. It remained largely rural until 1964 when the E. J. Korvette department store chain opened an outlet on the site of a former chicken farm. This was the same year that the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge opened, leading to major suburbanization of the Island. This was followed, in 1973, by the opening of the Staten Island Mall on the grounds of what had been a lightly used airport. These grand openings dramatically changed the character of the neighborhood and shaped the New Springville that we are more familiar with today. New Springville offers a myriad of apartments, condominiums, and houses. Check out New Springville homes for sale to take a look. 

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Located near the island's geographical center, this neighborhood was founded in 1680 by Swedish settlers who called it Karleön. A hundred years later when English settled here they renamed it for its two main features: water (new) and springtime - New Springville!

The E. J Korvette department store chain opened an outlet on the site of a former chicken farm in 1964, which changed New Springville's character entirely! Just thirteen years later (1973), this trend was followed by another major shift when what had been little used airport grounds became home for one big mall -the Staten Island Mall-and then all sortsa other stores started popping up around them too; making shopping easier than ever before because there were now plenty places where you could go without having your clothes wear out from walking every few blocks like we used too back when people.

New Springville has become an important public transportation hub, with six city bus routes serving the area. One of these goes all the way to Brooklyn and provides access at one point along its route-the terminal being located right next door (to where we store our vehicles) in case you're wondering what it feels like! The new Yukon Bus Depot was opened early last decade -it can accommodate up 380 buses efficiently enough for us locals here on Staten Island alone; but don't worry if this isn’t true because there's also room available should your carrier require more space than expected or decide they want their own building altogether.