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New Brighton Staten Island is located on the north shore of the Island, to the west of St. George, Staten Island’s entry point for many residents via the Staten Island Ferry, and neighbored by West New Brighton. New Brighton was incorporated as a village in 1866. It was once the seat of government of Staten Island until the borough became a part of New York City. New Brighton is dotted with historic Victorian-era homes.  St Peters Church is the oldest Roman Catholic Church on Staten Island and it is located in New Brighton. New Brighton is home to local attractions including Snug Harbor Cultural Center, Atlantic Salt, and Gerardi’s Market.

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The historic neighborhood of New Brighton is located along the North Shore on Staten Island. The area consists primarily out older industrial and residential harbor front tract with some newer developments that have popped up in recent years, too! As this place has its roots going back to 18th century when it was used as an export hub for goods such wholesome food stuffs like farm produce from nearby farms near Upper Manhattan - which made them perfect stopping points before being transported across water ways towards Europe or Africa where they were wanted desperately but not enough people lived yet so those who did live there would sell.

The village of New Brighton is one outgrowths from the town Castleton. It's located on an island that stretches six miles long and two mile wide, with everything included in its boundaries: St George to Tompkinsville - all this while still being part way through establishing itself as what we know today!

The original New Brighton Village Hall, constructed in 1871 on present Fillmore Street was demolished to make way for new public housing. The building that houses both the Cassidy-Laffayette Houses and Richmond Terrace were built as part of this project during 2004 - 2005
These two high rise buildings offer apartment living at an affordable price with plenty room indoors inside each floor plan! Move into one today or come see me if you're interested in learning more about how I can help another family find their perfect home here.