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Livingston Staten Island is situated within the West Brighton Neighborhood of Staten Island on the North Shore. As shown by Livingston homes for sale, most of the homes in this area were built before 1900 and exist on oak and elm tree lined streets. It was originally named Elliotville after Samuel MacKenzie Elliot, an ophthalmologist who owned 30 homes in the neighborhood. It was named Livingston by railroad officials who built a station near what is currently Richmond Terrace and Bard. The station was removed in the 1950’s when the North Shore Railway became defunct. During the 19th century, Livingston was home to many notable figures including Robert Gould Shaw and many other abolitionists. 

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The residents of Livingston have a long history of being involved in movements to end slavery and promote freedom. One symbol can be found across the street from where I am sitting now: this house was part if an extensive network used by slaves seeking refuge on their way up north before settling into Canada or other parts westward as far away from southern plantation owners who wanted them gone forever!

The area of Livingston has been featured in many movies and television shows. One such show, "Glory," focused on its 19th century resident Col Robert Gould Shaw who lost his life while leading the first black regiment -- The 54th Massachusetts Volunteers--in during America’s Civil War; to commemorate this event there is now an appropriately named street signage for Davis Avenue which reads ' Glory Way'.

The picturesque, tree-lined streets of Livingston are a testament to its elegant neighborhood with well kept homes in various styles. The place has an '50s vibe and seems more suburban than urban seven miles from downtown Manhattan!