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Lighthouse Hill is an exclusive, scenic neighborhood situated upon a namesake hill in the heart of Staten Island. Formerly known as Richmond Hill, this neighborhood acquired its present name when the towering Staten Island Range Light was built in 1912. Similar to other hilltop neighborhoods like Grymes Hill, Todt Hill and Emerson Hill, this area is made up of some of Staten Island’s most opulent real estate. Situated in the center of Staten Island, the neighborhood comes strapped with views of Historic Richmond Town and the New York Harbor. Check out Lighthouse Hill homes for sale to get all the convenience and luxury Staten Island has to offer along with the unique experience of a rural feel while still in New York City. 

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Emerson Hill

Lighthouse Hill Real Estate

Lighthouse Hill hosts some of the most luxurious residential properties in all of Staten Island.

Homes for sale in Lighthouse Hill fetch well over $600K - and justifiably so. Lighthouse Hill is a well-established area with a variety of single-family, detached houses that speak to the wealth and taste of those who could first afford the automobiles required to climb the steep roads.

Large Victorian or colonial-style manors share fences with small cottages or modern bungalows. In each case, the air of authenticity prevails. The materials are often real, rather than mere siding, and design principles are followed to a tee. Case in point, the neighborhood is home to the only Frank Lloyd Wright original in New York - The Crimson Beech.

Given the nature of the terrain, yards tend to be multi-level affairs, descending along well-thought-out terraced structures, and playing host to outdoor eating areas, well-manicured gardens, and curiously-shaped pools.

So, if you're thinking of becoming a homeowner in Lighthouse Hill, be prepared to take stewardship of a small piece of Staten Island heritage.

Lighthouse Hill Community Attractions

Lighthouse Hill is for houses, and residents generally have to leave the neighborhood to take advantage of what their broader community has to offer. Luckily, given the size of the neighborhood, the journey is seldom very far, and Lighthouse Hill does also contain a few notable attractions of its own.

As mentioned, the neighborhood hosts the only Frank Lloyd Wright home built in New York City. It also has an interesting example of Tibetan architecture along Lighthouse Avenue, now a museum and center for various events associated with Tibetan culture. And along Edinboro Road or Manor Court, residents and visitors can get a closer look at the original functioning lighthouse for which the area was named.

To the east, the Eger Healthcare facility offers top-class healthcare services, while to the west, LaTourette Golf Course includes the historic LaTourette house as a clubhouse.

Students in Lighthouse Hill can attend the following schools:

  • P.S. 23, Richmondtown School
  • I.S. 2, George L. Egbert Intermediate School
  • Susan E. Wagner High School
  • St. Patrick’s School

Explore the Lighthouse Hill Area

Perched along narrow streets which climb up the hill of the same name, Lighthouse Hill is a neighborhood with the best of Staten Island close at hand.

The area is bounded by LaTourette Park of the Staten Island Greenbelt to the north, Rockland Avenue to the east, LaTourette Golf Course to the west, and Richmond Road to the south. Lighthouse Hill is also closely bordered by the neighborhoods of Richmond, and New Dorp.

Nestled within the trees of Staten Island's Greenbelt, Lighthouse Hill residents can overlook the historic Richmond Town below, or cast their eyes further, over the waters of the New York harbor. The Staten Island Greenbelt itself incorporates over 2800 acres of parks and open spaces for residents to enjoy.

Down the hill, in Richmond Town, visitors can take in the 30 antique buildings, historic arts and crafts events, or one of the many other attractions. Historic buildings in this area include:

  • Guyon Store & Tavern - A simple structure built around 1819. Still in its original location.
  • Guyon-Lake-Tysen House - A farmhouse combining a number of stylistic elements including Dutch, Flemish, and Georgian. Originally built around the year 1740.
  • Crocheron House - Constructed around 1819 and relocated from Greenridge in 1987.
  • The Britton Cottage - Also known as Cubberly House, with portions dating back to 1671.
  • Voorlezer' House - Built in the late 17th century, this is the oldest standing schoolhouse in America.

Residents will soon have access to the second largest park in the New York area, and the largest park development in New York since the 19th century. Just 2 miles away, Fresh Kills Park is set to be a major attraction on Staten Island.

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