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Tucked away along Staten Island’s scenic South Shore is Huguenot. This neighborhood is highly sought after. With waterfront area, this neighborhood is unparalleled by many other neighborhoods on the island. Residents of Huguenot have access to plenty of waterfront space made up of restaurants, parks, and other community recreational spaces. As outlined by Huguenot homes for sale, the neighborhood has an upscale reputation with gorgeous, spacious, and well manicured homes. This well-served community has many picturesque viewpoints within walking distance, a cozy selection of exclusive amenities, and a lovely sense of community. Well-established and well-regarded, the prestigious neighborhood offers simplicity and luxury with vintage and modern charm.

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Discover Huguenot Real Estate

Huguenot real estate has a truly spectacular wealth of beautiful homes for buyers to select from. Many of these homes are ultra-luxurious, but there are also gorgeous estates and single-family houses that are less lavish and more traditional in size and style. Properties in the Huguenot neighborhood typically range between $500,000 and $2,000,000, a range that highlights the diversity and variation of the plush, beautiful homes here. Huguenot houses are suburban dream homes, with all of the stunning features and storybook charm found in 20th century family movies. They feature tailored lawns that are well-tended to and bright, luxuriant gardens. Many homes have fantastical and palatial features such as gables, turrets, bay windows, and gorgeously framed doorways with luminous outdoor lighting.

White fences and old fashioned postboxes add to the classic allure of these homes. Inside, homebuyers will be stunned by breathtaking finishes. Rich hardwood floors, exquisite wainscoting or panel molding, stately pillars, and winding staircases framed within wrought iron railings exude traditional elegance. The homes perfectly combine classic and timeless aesthetics with modern technology and appliances. Luxe kitchens and showers, formal dining rooms, and expansive entertainment areas make these homes ideal for ultra-comfortable long-term living. The outstanding craftsmanship, warm and inviting ambiance, and functional design of Huguenot homes combined with their equally amazing indoor and outdoor spaces, truly set them apart.

Living In Huguenot, Staten Island

Huguenot homes are surrounded by wonderful amenities. All of the conveniences needed for optimally family-friendly living are there: excellent schools, public libraries, green space, and accessible athletic facilities. There are many incredible outdoor spaces surrounding the community, so it's easy to enjoy the great outdoors. These spaces include the Lemon Creek Tidal Wetlands, Wolfe's Pond Park, Bunker Ponds Park, Huguenot Ponds Park, Arbutus Creek Bluebelt, and much more. Some of these nearby parks include beaches, tennis courts, BBQ areas, and wilderness preserves. Huguenot is also close to banks, coffee shops and bakeries, pizza shops, diners, and churches. S

everal upbeat restaurants and bars can be found in the nearby neighborhood of Annadale. As well, transit and highway access are convenient, so it's a breeze to get around.

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