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Grant City is a neighborhood situated on the east shore of Staten Island. Grant City was originally known as Frenchtown. It was later renamed in honor of Civil War General Ulysses S. Grant. Today many streets are named after historical figures such as Lincoln Ave (after President Abraham Lincoln), Fremont Ave (after General John C. Fremont who was the first Republican candidate for President, as well as a Staten Island resident, in 1856), Adams Avenue (after President John Adams), Colfax Ave (after Abraham Lincoln’s first Vice President)and Greeley Ave (after newspaper editor Horace Greeley). Many other streets were originally named after historical figures but those streets have been renamed. Many small, one-family homes were built in Grant City in the 1950s. Check out some of Grant City’s homes for sale to see the history reflected. 

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Nestled between Dongan Hills and New Dorp, this smaller community is bisected by the route of Staten Island Railway. The neighborhood has been home to many historic events including Grant deeded land in 1660s that would later become known as "Grant City."

Lincoln Avenue, a charming commercial corridor in Elmhurst is home to some of the best restaurants and shops. The Corner House has been around since 1887 with its iconic red door that beckons you inside! When it comes time for dinner there are plenty options like Chez Laurent or Schweizer family nursery where they grow plants right next door too!. If this weather isn't enough reason alone then visit Nunzio’s pizzeria located at Hylan Boulevard which opened back 47 years ago during Ireland- Mafia Wars days when pizza delivery drivers would play while making their pies on open fire pits out front – who says history never repeats itself!?

From the beginning, Frenchtown was a different kind of place. Covered in trees and named after its residents from France who settled here during colonial times, it took on another identity later--John C Thompson renamed this small community Grant City for Ulysses S Grant following his Civil War victories that helped end slavery nationwide without firing one shot at Fort Sumter (a battle South Carolina authorities refused him permission to wage).
By early 1900s Midland Park Hotel had become go-to spot not only as entertainment hub but also an important landmark because visitors could fill up before heading off.