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Formerly known as Bennett’s Corners and Fayetteville, Graniteville Staten Island is a neighborhood situated in the northern section of the island. Quarries for trap rock were operated in the area from 1841 to 1896, leading to the community’s name to be changed first to Granite Village, and eventually Graniteville. Cornered between the Staten Island Expressway and New York State Route 440, the neighborhood is very accessible by highway. Like many other neighborhoods, residential development spurred after the construction of the Verrazzano-Narrows Bridge connecting Staten Island to Brooklyn. Graniteville homes for sale may reflect the historic boom of construction during this era of Graniteville.  

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The Graniteville Quarry Park is a 4.46-acre green space that was once an integral part of the community’s past, but now lies neglected on top of someones hilltop home in Deckertown. The area had different names before it became known as Bennett's Corners and Fayetteville after its rocks were drilled for granite by local quarrymen back when there lived more people who made their living off these types jobs rather than just working at them professionally like we do today.

The Palisades formation is known for its dramatic appearance in Haverstraw and Jersey City, but it also has other forms throughout the region. South of there, near sea level where a land bridge connected Manhattan Island with Newark Bay during ice ages or periods without much snowfall; this part was called Kip State Park until 1870 when Bergen County became separate from Hudson county after winning elections to decide how many representatives each would have starting then on - so now we're stuck calling them just "the hills".

The Staten Island diabase is a curious and unique rock formation that only appears on one part of the island. It has accumulations, or “layers” as they are called in Swedish (trappa), which resemble stairs because it breaks up into angles like an old abandoned building with its steps worn away by time; this name also reflects where these rocks came from - Stockholms oddsok Marblebruk located near Ystad Sweden sometime between 900 million years ago during Precambrian era till 250 Ma when Chert Period ended- though some believe 600+million year older!