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Like many other neighborhoods in Staten Island, Eltingville has a rich and dense history. Presently Eltingville, this neighborhood has had many names throughout its time. Eltingville stems from Elting, a prominent family of Staten Island, NY that called the area home during the late 1800’s. During this time, the area was heavily populated by Scandinavian immigrants, many of which had the common last name Elting. The best way to differentiate people from one another was by trade or of course surname. The Eltingville Lutheran Church remains today on Genesee Avenue as a reminder of the historic era of Eltingville. Again, similarly to many other neighborhoods in Staten Island, when the construction of the Verrazzano-Narrows Bridge was complete, the population grew tremendously with many Italians moving into the area. With close proximity to the Staten Island Mall, residents of Eltingville have access to Staten Island shopping districts. Whether you’re looking for apartments for rent or homes for sale, with Eltingville’s close proximity to retail districts, MTA service, and rich history, makes the neighborhood a solid choice. 

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Explore Eltingville Real Estate

If you are looking for Eltingville homes for sale you will find a breadth and depth of architectural styles like nowhere else on Staten Island. The largest period of development was in the mid-60s to mid-70s, where Eltingville's incredible scenery and ocean views attracted many affluent builders to the area. However, you will find homes here that are anywhere between brand new to 150 years old, exemplifying the character of this great neighborhood.

An area where detached and two-family semi-detached homes are the norm, it also features architectural styles like Colonials, Capes, and Ranches. The older homes have been serving as canvasses for modified custom homes, where they are adding features such as second floors, circular driveways, and lavish detailing.

Home prices in this area seem to consistently increase in value, with median home prices now sitting in the high $600k. Lower priced homes in Eltingville are quite often snatched up by house flippers or those looking to renovate for profit, as they see the value and demand that these homes are hold.

This area has been able to maintain low-density housing largely in part to the Civic Association's imposed limitations on multi-family housing projects. They have made great attempts to thwart overbuilding in the area to ensure that local infrastructure remains capable and intact to serve Eltingville at capacity.

Life in Eltingville

Located on the south shore of Staten Island, Eltingville real estate offers green spaces and oceanfront to its residents. Running from Raritan Bay to the southcenter of the island, Eltingville residents truly occupy a scenic part of the island.

This well established area still attracts families that are looking the white picket fence life, complete with lawns and backyards. Eltingville is also seated at a crossroads: residents can effortlessly reach the Staten Island Railway or they can reach a deluge of shopping destinations including supermarkets, delis, pizzarias, drugstores and more.

Eltingville real estate is known for attracting friendly and caring neighbors, who care about their community. As such, development in this area is as carefully monitored in this area as much as safety is, resulting in efficient an infrastructure and lower incidence of crime.

Eltingville has had many notable residents come through its borders over the past few years. Award-winning American comic-book author Evan Dorkin worked in Eltingville for a number of years and created the TV pilot "Welcome to Eltingville" while also writing for comic book publishers like Marvel and DC Comics.

Other notable claims to fame have included cover model Patti Hansen and former resident and current actor Steven Seagal.

Schools in Eltingville

Schools continue to be a large attraction to the area. Parents looking for Eltingville homes for sale are happy to find a large selection of both public and charter schools located close to home.

PS 42, The Eltingville School, covers students from pre-K to the 5th grade, and is home to just under 1,000 students annually. They offer many different programming options for students of all learning abilities, including a feeder gifted and talented program. The after-school program also offers several skill-building activities like cheerleading, test preparation, and extra help in more challenging subjects.

PS 55, The Henry M. Boehm School, is home to around 600 students from pre-K to the 5th grade. PS55 is known for instilling community values and involving their students in a number of events throughout the school year. This highly parent-rated school has a strong Parent Teacher Association and a number of extra-curricular programs and activities.

Eltingville Lutheran School is an intimate charter christian school boasts small class sizes for students from pre-K to the 8th grade. They are well known for their special programming that includes concert band, drama club, robotics, and sports.

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