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Medical Office Space For Lease in Staten Island, NY

To help healthcare providers find facilities to conduct services, PreReal, Prendamano Real Estate compiles a listing of commercial medical spaces for lease. From single floors to small offices spaces, there are multiple medical real estate options on our site. View our extensive listing to find a medical office space for rent in Staten Island, NY, that meets your needs.

About Our Medical Real Estate Listings

As a healthcare professional, you need a space that allows you to provide the best service possible to patients. To ensure you find the right office for your practice, we enable viewers to filter their searches based on price point and size.

You can structure results to show the most affordable or expensive options or select a customized price range. You also can detail how many rooms and bathrooms you need to pinpoint an office space that suits your requirements. Sorting the results by newest can help you find the best deals before another healthcare organization pursues the offer. If you prefer to buy an office space, look over our listing of non-conforming use medical properties for sale in the Staten Island area.

Why Choose A Medical Office Space For Rent?

When opening a medical practice, providers debate buying or renting space. Many doctors and physicians find that renting space for their healthcare organizations is best because it offers the following advantages:

  • More flexibility
  • Less maintenance
  • Fewer infrastructure and upfront costs
  • Visible location

What To Consider When Renting Medical Office Space

Despite the many benefits of renting office space, it does come with some risks. Before selecting a medical office for lease, think about the legal implications of this choice and the resources you need to conduct services. The following considerations can help you make the best decision when looking for a medical office space for rent:

  • Hours of operation: If you plan to offer services late in the night or on the weekend, ensure you can
    access your office at these times. The landlord may charge you more if you need to use the building at odd times, especially if their other tenants do not require this additional service.
  • Waste disposal: Some medical waste is hazardous and cannot be discarded like regular garbage. Instead, healthcare providers must follow procedures for safe disposal. Discuss this need with the landlord before renting the property to ensure you can dispose of materials properly. 
  • Patient privacy: Most leases allow landlords to access the space for repairs, showings, and similar activities. However, the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) grants patients federal protection against sharing medical information without their consent. To avoid legal trouble, you should speak to the landlord to ensure they have limited access to your office.
  • Tenant representation: Managing your medical office space can be challenging, but you do not need to do it alone. A tenant representative can help you navigate the difficulties of renting an office for your practice. At PreReal, Prendamano Real Estate, we offer tenant representation services to ensure our corporate clients find properties for lease that work for their business.

Find Commercial Medical Rentals At PreReal, Prendamano Real Estate

Trust PreReal, Prendamano Real Estate to help you locate the best medical office space for rent. Our agents work diligently to ensure you see only properties that meet your needs and desires and frequently communicate with other real estate businesses to provide you with the newest listings as soon as possible. Contact us today to learn more about leasing medical office spaces in Staten Island.