Here at Casandra Properties, we are asked quite often what is HUD, and what does HUD mean. To answer this with any accuracy, I think it’s important we explore the History of HUD, what does HUD stand for and what does HUD do.

HUD (Housing and Urban Development) was formed and became a cabinet-level position in 1965. Then President Lyndon B. Johnson created the department as part of his Great Society program. Its mission was to focus on urban housing issues.

HUD does several things. It provides rental assistance to several million households across the country. The agency works to address homelessness and build public housing. It also works to provide a bridge for potential homeowners in connecting them to affordable housing. Let’s take a brief look at some other questions often asked related to this topic.

What is a HUD home

A HUD home is when a government insured loan is foreclosed on and paid off in one way or another through government funds. The asset is then very quickly placed back on the market, many times at a discounted price. This often brings a lot of buyers looking for a more affordable housing option. This answers the what are HUD homes question you may have heard about.

What is HUD Housing 

Housing Urban Development Definition
HUD housing comes in many shapes and sizes. They can range from a single home to a multi-unit apartment building. HUD housing is intended to provide safe adequate housing options to those in need of financial assistance, the elderly and those with disabilities.

Stemming from this discussion we are also often asked what is a HUD or What is a HUD-1.

What Is A HUD-1?

The HUD-1 was issued at settlement or closing. It was intended to provide an itemized summary of services and fees charged to a borrower by the lender or a broker. In 2010 the HUD 1 was expanded to include the good faith estimate. This included the estimated settlement charges a borrower could expect at closing.

As of late 2015, The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau made the HUD-1 obsolete replacing it with the Closing Disclosure. This consolidated the HUD-1, Good Faith Estimate, and Truth in Lending Disclosures into one.

How Is HUD Funded?

HUD is funded by the federal government.  It is part of the fiscal budget in which congress allocates.  Per HUD awards discretionary funding through over 20 Grant programs that support HUD initiatives, including Affordable Housing Development and Preservation, Community and Economic Development, Environment and Energy, Fair Housing, Homelessness, Homeownership, Rental Assistance, and Supportive Housing and Services.

I hope this sheds some light in a general way on some top questions we are often asked. The summaries are intended to be for informational purposes only, as always consult an attorney or Mortgage professional for a more in-depth explanation prior to making any key decisions! 

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