It’s always a horrible ordeal when you need an AC repair for your air conditioning unit. When it shuts off, or stops working, the effects can be devastating – especially when it happens during the summer months, leaving you to sweat it out. Fortunately, you don’t have to. We’re going to use this guide to tell you what you can do when your AC unit is in need of repair. Sometimes, it may need replaced, but maybe with this guide, you’ll know what you’ll need!

Getting Your AC Repaired is Beyond You

Unless you’re an electrician with an HVAC license, more than likely you need to know that it’s always important to hire a contractor or an HVAC technician for the job first and foremost. Doing anything with such high voltage can even be deadly, and electricity makes up for a majority of home accidents that happen. 

Aside from this, there are also other ingredients that make up your central AC unit that can be potentially hazardous to your health. Therefore, before you start doing more than changing a filter or adjusting the thermostat (or sometimes unfreezing it should it freeze over once in a while – by turning it completely off and letting it thaw out), then you need to leave it to the pros.

Refrigerant Problems

Many people have been known to go and get refrigerant, but only a professional should administer and recharge your AC. A lot of times, if there is low refrigerant, there’s also a leak somewhere, and this can be harmful to your air quality, but also can shorten the life of your air conditioner. 

Water in the Ducts

If you notice water in the ductwork, then too much moisture is in your home, let alone in your air ducts. This can also be a sure sign of an air duct leak. Your professional AC repairman can fix this usually quickly and easily – as well as get the excess moisture out of your current ducts. If the holes or leaks are too bad, you may need them replaced.

The Age of Your Unit

The older your unit gets, the harder it has to work to keep your home cool (aside from if you have air leaks in your home letting out cold air or letting warm air in). Therefore, it’s important that you have an up to date system. This alone, along with regular maintenance and air conditioning repair can make or break the need for replacing your air conditioner instead of just repairing it. It’s more beneficial to buy a new AC rather than having your 20-year old AC unit repaired on a regular basis due to problems that keep happening.


If you’re thinking about having your HVAC unit repaired, make sure that you take extra measures to protect your unit and keep it up to speed. This can be doing home checks to make sure that you speed up the process since most contractors charge by the hour. Aside from this, you should always at least consult with an HVAC specialist if you notice any problems. Some may even give you tips on things you can do yourself to help save you money on the call!

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