Computer ProgrammersSince Casandra Properties was founded back in 1989 by mom, the Real Estate industry has undergone so many changes. We’ve talked about this quite a bit in some of our other posts and while it’s changed dramatically we believe that the most exciting times, and our ability to really use technology to drive sales, still lies ahead. 

When I started in the business we were over the moon excited about the dial up modem and the fact that we could once a day, get the hot sheets that provided new listings. However, this process was not a quick one. This required the patience to strap the phone into the device that communicated to the server and printed on our dot matrix a daily report!  As time marched on the innovations came fast and furious.  The implementation of the fax machine, beepers, and of course, cell phones really had a significant impact on how we conducted our business. As the digital age really began to take root we saw the emergence of and websites became a tremendous driver in the industry.   These virtual store fronts became such an important part of the business model. I believe, however, that there are still so many opportunities ahead of us that are not being explored.  In spite of the industry being inundated with new apps and software - for the most part they remain difficult to use and very rarely do they live up to the hype or promised results.

Part of the problem is agents tend to be left brain thinkers, very creative and a bit of free spirits. I happen to be more of a right brain thinker, very pragmatic in my approach, extremely organized, very disciplined and the two typically don’t go hand in hand as that melds together with technology.   

Much of the software and tech in the market place today are created by programmers, brilliant as they may be- simply lack the practical experience as Real Estate Agents.  While the software and tech looks great in concept, when deployed in the real world of a busy agent...they just don't seem to work seamlessly.  More often than not - they require additional steps and don't offer the flexibility required in the real world we live in as agents and brokers every day. We have some ideas that we believe are going to completely change the game. They’re going to change how we source leads, how we follow up with leads, and how we close leads. What we are doing here is reaching out and calling all programmers if you will. 

So, if you happen to be a programmer or know someone who is a programmer and you are interested in getting involved with an exciting New York real estate company that’s had some success but, believes its future has so much more to offer than what we have accomplished to date, please reach out to me. You can hit me up on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, email me at or give me a call at 718.816.7799. We really have some amazing ideas that we want to implement and believe with the right technology partner, we are going to change the way Real Estate business is conducted on a daily basis!


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