Perhaps you are fortunate enough to reside in one of Todt Hill’s most exquisite homes, or maybe you simply marvel at its many beauteous properties from afar. It goes without saying, Todt Hill is the most famous of Staten Island’s hills and features some of the borough’s most opulent and highly-coveted homes.

Staten Island’s Todt Hill was formed from a 401-foot-tall hill of serpentine rock. In fact, not only is Todt Hill the highest natural point throughout the five boroughs of New York City, it is also the highest elevation on the entire Atlantic coastal plain – from Florida to Cape Cod. The name “Todt” comes from the German word for "dead.” While that’s typically not something appealing regarding the origins of a neighborhood, it is believed to have…

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Are you one of the 28 million Americans planning to buy a home in the next year? While buying a home is exciting, it's often a confusing process with many different players and parts.

For example, do you know what a trustee is? And what exactly is a deed of trust? You've come to the right place for help clearing it all up.

Keep reading to learn more about the role of a trustee during a real estate property purchase so you feel more prepared before buying your home.

Mortgage document

What Is a Deed of Trust?

In the simplest terms, a deed of trust is an agreement between a lender and a home buyer. It states that the buyer agrees to repay the loan and that until the loan is paid off, the legal title for the property belongs to the lender.

A deed of trust…

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Walking the aisles of the hardware store, are you overwhelmed with the different styles and sizes of fasteners? Do-it-yourself projects are great, but before you bust out the tools, you need to understand the hardware. 

This guide is going to examine the different types of construction screws that exist. Most projects will require some type of screw to complete. As such, it's a good place to start. 

Keep reading to discover the various construction screws and how they work. In no time, you'll be ready to take on the job. 

Construction Screws

Drywall Screw

As the name suggests, drywall screws are intended for securing sheets of drywall. These are specific screws, but if you are doing any sort of drywall work, they are a must-have. 

Drywall screws have a…

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A real estate agent can make or break your life. Buying and selling property is a tricky business and can go very wrong if you have the wrong person working for you. Before you decide to vet a real estate agent you want to work with, you must be familiar with what a real estate agent does – their responsibilities towards you. Here is exactly how a real estate agent will help you.

How Does A Real Estate Agent Help

  1. Real estate agents help you out with the nitty-gritty of the property stuff. They are supposed to educate you about the current market and future trends. This is to set a background and the first sign you have stumbled upon a good agent is their willingness to educate you about the marketing trends and help you understand how it all works.
  2. The second thing a…

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Nantucket is one of the most beautiful islands in the United States. Many people make the move there each year. Making the decision to move is not an easy one, especially when it comes to purchasing a property. Those who want to live near the sea should continue reading so they can learn some helpful tips that will assist them in purchasing the Nantucket home of their dreams. 

Buying Property On Nantucket

Nantucket Is a Paradise

Nantucket is considered a beach lover's paradise. In the off-season, this island is quiet and serene. During the summer, Nantucket comes alive with visitors and events, which make every day exciting and unique. Those who want to learn more can find more details by continuing to read below. 

7 Tips for Purchasing a Nantucket Property

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Have you noticed a foul smell coming from your AC? Does it turn on and off repeatedly? You have to be no expert in air conditioners to realize there is something wrong with your unit. 

Troubleshooting air-conditioning issues on time is of great importance for preventing complete system breakdowns. Otherwise, you might risk your summer comfort.

Have a look at the most common defects, which need AC repair troubleshooting.

AC Repair

Bad smells coming from the system

A common AC problem that requires troubleshooting is the burning or musty smell originating from the vents or the central unit. Both types of odors indicate different problems with the system. For instance, an electrical odor indicates a wiring problem in the motor, whereas a burning…

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Scandinavian design is getting more and more popular around the world. What should you know about it and how to decor your house using Scandinavian style?

Scandinavian Design

What is it all about?

The Scandinavian style is probably well known to you, even if you don't realize that. Simple features, inspiration by nature, minimalism and the widespread use of wood - those are the distinctive features of this style. What makes it so popular among people around the world is the fact, that it can look good literally everywhere.

But the look isn't everything to the Scandinavian style. Above everything else, it's about functionality and making the everyday life easier, more comfortable and easier to deal with everyday situations. This is the reason why interiors created…

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French doors are a popular choice for many homeowners in Staten Island. They provide the perfect amount of ventilation, sunlight, and security to any home. But what if you want an even more custom look? Worry less! This blog will continue to share what you should know about these types of doors. Continue reading!

French Doors On Staten Island

Could There Be Timber French Doors on Staten Island? 

Staten Island is a part of the New York City borough home to over half a million people. 

The island is known for its tight-knit communities and love of Staten Island, which makes it no surprise that they are pushing hard for iconic features like French timber doors on Staten Island. After all, who wants just another set of aluminum or vinyl-clad doors when you could have…

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On this episode of the Casandra Properties podcast, CEO, podcast host and published author James Prendamano and Chief Marketing Officer Peter Gambino sit down in the studio with Khari Harper, a self-made entrepreneur, client acquisition specialist and founder of The Real Estate Robot.


Always an Entrepreneur

Khari Harper takes it back to the beginning for the Casandra Properties Podcast audience. When he graduated from high school (less than a decade ago), he wasn’t sure exactly what he was going to do, but he certainly knew the 9-5 life wasn’t appealing to him. Khari shares on this real estate podcast that he quit every job he’s ever had, as they were not fulfilling him. He sold cars, did landscaping, and even delivered pizzas.…

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On this episode of the Casandra Properties podcast, CEO, podcast host and published author James Prendamano sits with Kimberly Marie of Waz Invesments, an accomplished fitness trainer and physical therapist who left her 9-5 to pursue entrepreneurship and become a successful real estate investor in the Indianapolis market.

A Strong, Supportive Mother

Kimberly takes it back to beginning for the Casandra Properties Podcast audience. While she had a grandmother and an uncle who worked in real estate, she didn’t exactly expect to work in real estate herself. As mentioned earlier, she pursued a career in physical fitness and physical therapy. She does, however, say that she always had a strong and supportive mother who believed in her.…

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