Health benefits of a garden

Recent times have taught us quite a lot. One of the many lessons being that having a hobby is very important because no one has any idea when another worldwide pandemic can have us cooped up in our homes again. In the earlier days of the pandemic, many of us got scared that food shortage will eventually catch up with us. 

Although lockdown restrictions have been raised and the fear of food shortage is no longer in the air; it would be a good idea to get a hobby. Gardening is a hobby that will not only keep you busy but will also make sure you never run out of fresh vegetables. 

Outside these, owning a garden also promises other health benefits. So, it is a win-win hobby as you will be keeping both your body and mind fit. In this article, we…

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It's time to get your outdoor space ready for the summer! To make it stylish, you're going to need some new pillows. But there are so many choices out there that it can be difficult to decide what kind you should choose. This blog post will help with tips on how to find stylish outdoor space pillows and we'll look at 6 tips that are important when making this purchase.

Stylish Outdoor Pillows

Consider your home's exterior design and color palette

One of the primary things you'll want to take into account when purchasing outdoor pillows is the home's exterior design. If you have a cottage-style house, then, for example, you might consider buying some plaid or floral pillows with reds, pinks, and light blues in them to match that theme. You would also use these as well…

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On the latest episode of the Casandra Properties Podcast, CEO, published author, and podcast host James Prendamano along with Operations Manager Rebecca Matulonis sit down with Jacob Taylor, a talented young investor who started his own podcast in search of learning the real estate industry, himself.

Jacob Taylor is wise beyond his years. He’s 21 years old, already successfully making deals in  real estate, and the host of the podcast, Real Estate Money Talk. James Prendamano, himself, notes how the real estate podcasting community has become a family that has helped him forge connections he otherwise wouldn’t have been able to make. Jacob Taylor couldn’t agree more about how welcoming the community has been. In fact, Jacob started his podcast not…

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Atlanta native Frank Furman bravely served in the US Marine Corps and has a background in engineering. He had done some real estate investing with his brother-in-law, but it is here today on the Casandra Properties real estate podcast speaking with CEO, Host and published author James Prendamano about PadSplit, wherein Frank serves as COO and a founding member. His brother-in-law Atticus (named after the beloved noble attorney in To Kill a Mockingbird) started PadSplit four years ago. In the same vein of doing good things for the community, PadSplit provides affordable housing for the workforce, as well as higher returns for investors, which makes everyone happy.

Overview of the Model

PadSplit was founded four years ago in Atlanta and is now…

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Early Investing

For as long as he could remember, Daniel Borrero always wanted to be wealthy, and how he was going to get there was his main objective. When he graduated from college, he went back to his old neighborhood in Brooklyn where he felt comfortable and opened up a video store. The year was 1985, and the store was situated right across the street from where he grew up – in his father’s bodega in Fort Greene, Brooklyn. As many people may know, Fort Greene today is not the same Fort Greene in 1985 – by any stretch of the imagination. His family members thought he was nuts, but within four years he had saved enough money to purchase his first property, a pre-war two-family home in Brooklyn for $72,000 dollars. Today it’s worth about $2.6…

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CEO, Podcast Host and Published Author James Prendamano sits down with Lennon Lee and Stony Stonebraker, two investors with engineering backgrounds, generations apart, who discuss their system to make money through passively investing in real estate. They both met each other at a real estate networking event and quickly realized they shared the same common goal: achieving financial freedom for their families through commercial real estate.

Stony’s Story

Stony received his electrical engineering degree from Georgia Tech. While there, he says, he built an electric car, which he drove from Boston to St. Louis. Impressively, he also had the opportunity to work on the instrumentation unit of the Saturn V rocket during the Apollo program. Following…

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As we all know, social media has been a game changer in both our personal lives and throughout most industries for quite some time, namely the real estate industry. Casandra Properties has always been an innovator in terms of technology in the real estate industry, and our CEO, published author, and podcast host James Prendamano weighed in on Forbes’ panel of experts, explaining how to effectively use social media to reach more clients. James Prendamano’s response landed the number one spot in the published piece, which highlighted answers from 15 real estate professionals across the country.


Forbes asked professional real estate brokers how they can use short-form video on social media like Instagram reels and Tik Tok to reach more clients.

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The digital nomad lifestyle has changed the business landscape so much that society is still looking for ways to handle it properly. What were once skyscrapers filled with suited-up engineers, bureaucrats, and the like, are now free-roaming, laptop-carrying, staying-at-home workers. This dramatic change has brought much happiness to many, but the question of how to properly manage such a work style is still not entirely answered.

Working Remotely

What Caused It

Even before the Corona crisis, a lot of companies were starting to allow their employees to either work from home or to become freelancers in their service. This has led to a sharp rise in people deciding on a more comfortable environment to work, and thus remote work became a thing. 

Of course,…

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The buying or selling process can be a daunting task for most people. It’s not an easy decision to make, and it’s even harder when you don't have a lot of knowledge about the buying or selling process. That is why you should be equipped with some hacks that will help lower your stress levels and make buying or selling a house easier!

Calculate your mortgage rates

First of all, you must know your mortgage rates. Mortgage rates are the interest rate you pay for buying or selling a house, and they fluctuate based on national economic conditions. You should always calculate what your mortgage will be before buying or selling property so that you know how much money to save up in advance.


Calculate Mortgage Rates

How do you calculate my mortgage payment? To calculate…

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Late last week, The Supreme Court temporarily blocked part of an eviction moratorium in New York allowing tenants to self-certify that they have experienced financial hardship as a result of job/income loss or increased expenses due to the Coronavirus pandemic – rather than providing proof to avoid eviction. In the unsigned order, the majority wrote that the New York policy “appeared to violate landlords' right to due process because it allows a tenant's declaration of hardship to deny them legal recourse.” This order will remain in effect and is expected to allow some evictions to resume once the Moratorium has expired at the end of August 2021.


Scotus Blocks Eviction Moratorium NYC


Of course, this is a small win for New York landlords – for a change, who really have been…

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