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On today’s Casandra Properties podcast, CEO and Host James Prendamano interviews Sal J. Criscuolo, who truth be told, needs no introduction to Staten Island, NYC, who has an Instagram following approaching 60,000. That’s huge for most – that’s especially huge for someone in the mortgage industry. Sal Criscuolo has been a success in the mortgage industry for more than two decades. A masterful mortgage expert, keynote speaker, entertainer,  mentor,  and close personal friend of Casandra Properties CEO James Prendamano.


With a personality larger than life, and approval ratings on Google reviews to match, Sal Criscuolo’s social profile and loyal customers is reflected in his glowing testimonials and 4.99/5 star ratings. Sal Criscuolo is a…

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Going green? You should be!

Solar energy is becoming more accessible, bringing value to our planet and to your home or business. But what exactly is solar energy and how can it help you? We have the answer to this loaded question and more.

Continue reading for a crash course in how solar energy companies can help you improve the energy efficiency in your home or business without sacrificing a thing.

Go Green Solar Energy

What Is Solar Energy?

Solar energy is a renewable energy source that harvests radiation from the sun and turns it into energy. Solar power is growing increasingly more popular, for good reason.

Unlike other energy sources, solar does not pollute, so it is a cleaner energy source which is better for us and the planet alike. Another attractive…

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CEO James Prendamano welcomes and sits down withBank United’s Vice President of Commercial Private Banking Fulton Marshall & the Senior VP of Commercial Banking Private Team, Megan Hallinan during this episode of the Casandra Properties Podcast. 


They are two of Bank United’s finest professionals: Megan Hallinan and Fulton Marshall. Both seasoned professionals have worked in the banking industry for 15 years each. They do things differently. And these are the people you want behind you during times that are an anomaly right now, emphasizes James Prendamano.



What Makes Bank United So Different?


Megan Hallinan joined Bank United in 2015. Prior to that, she was an executive at both North Fork Bank and Capital One. So for…

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If you have experienced water damage in your home, you are not the only one! But don't panic, there is something you can do about it. There are different things that can cause water flooding in your home, and they can put homeowners in a very uncomfortable position.

Sometimes the flooding can happen from burst pipes, and at other times it can happen from heavy rains. It is really something that you cannot predict, and it is okay not to know how to deal with it. Luckily, this guide will show you what your best options and which steps you need to take to minimize the damage.

What should you do if you notice that a part of your home has been flooded? If you want to keep reading more about this topic, please follow the link:…

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Many businesses, real estate companies included, usually aim to expand their operations after a few years. Before pushing through, however, there are many factors to consider carefully. Timing is a crucial one. Expanding too soon can “shock” your organization; expanding too late, on the other hand, may mean missed-out opportunities.

Aside from the right timing, there are also other considerations to think about if you’re serious about expansion. Here are some of the most important ones:

Expanding Real Estate Company

How Are You Going to Hire More Agents?

Expansion can mean a lot of things for different businesses. For real estate brokerages, this can mean hiring more agents in order to accommodate more clients. The issue here is that it can be difficult to find…

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Have you noticed a foul odor coming from your drains? Is water backing up in your sinks or tubs?

While it could be just a clogged drain, if more than one drain is backing up it’s possible you have a broken sewage pipe.

A compromised sewer pipe can be a smelly mess to clean up. It can also be expensive if you have to excavate and replace the entire system. But are there alternatives?

The answer is yes! You have options if you need a sewer line pipe break repair. Keep reading to learn more about how to identify signs of sewer line damage and the options you have for fixing it.

Pipe Break Repair

Signs of Sewer Pipe Damage

Most people will smell a problem before they see anything. Sewer gas can seep up through the yard before anything reaches the surface. If…

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Investing in real estate has always been a good strategy for those who want to safeguard their fortune. This type of investment is the safest and can pull you through even through very difficult economic times. Even with the COVID-19 pandemic real estate remains a good investment for the future. In fact, US properties are now even more attractive for foreign investors due to lower interest rates and some price changes.

However, there still remains a problem with paying for this type of investment from abroad. The US banking system is very outdated and transferring money to the country is expensive. This limits foreign investors, which, in turn, affects the real estate industry negatively. But today there is a solution to this problem. Online money…

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Workers in the US have the right to a safe workplace, as outlined by the Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970.

The obligation to provide a safe workplace falls largely on the employer. When the enterprise involves a warehouse, the guidelines and compliance requirements around safety are incredibly complex.

If you're in charge of warehouse safety at your workplace, there are some procedures you absolutely need to have. These 5 essential safety procedures will help protect not only your employees but also your bottom line.

Keep reading for the 5 essential warehouse safety tips you need to implement ASAP.

Safety Warehouse Procedures

5 Essential Safety Warehouse Procedures

All of the responsibilities for ensuring warehouse safety falls on employers. And while…

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There are many situations that benefit from hiring legal representation to assist you when you need help or advice. Examples include a divorce, child custody, vehicle or workplace accidents, criminal arrests, and more. However, when it comes to purchasing a home, many people do not think about hiring an attorney. Below is a closer look at different reasons why hiring an attorney is beneficial as well as different situations where an attorney should be present.

Hiring A Real Estate Attorney

Experience and Training

When it comes to buying a home, a real estate attorney does not have a personal interest in the matter and expects to do what they were hired to do. That is to make sure your interests are taken care of. Because of this, Corpus Christi Real Estate Law is…

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There were more than 1,400,000 burglaries in 2017 alone.

Those offenses amounted to approximately $3.4 billion in property loss. One sure way to lower your risk of being victimized by burglary is to invest in a security system.

Thanks to wireless technology, keeping your family safe and secure with a home security system is now an affordable option. But besides a wired or wireless system, there are a few other features you'll want to consider before making the purchase.

Keep reading to learn what to look for when you're shopping home security.

Home Security Features

Wireless Security Versus Wired

Wired security systems are exactly that: a system that's wired throughout your home. The alarms, sensors, cameras, and detectors are connected together through…

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