Have you noticed a foul smell coming from your AC? Does it turn on and off repeatedly? You have to be no expert in air conditioners to realize there is something wrong with your unit. 

Troubleshooting air-conditioning issues on time is of great importance for preventing complete system breakdowns. Otherwise, you might risk your summer comfort.

Have a look at the most common defects, which need AC repair troubleshooting.

AC Repair

Bad smells coming from the system

A common AC problem that requires troubleshooting is the burning or musty smell originating from the vents or the central unit. Both types of odors indicate different problems with the system. For instance, an electrical odor indicates a wiring problem in the motor, whereas a burning smell appears when overheating is induced by clogged air filters. 

Mildew smells, on the other hand, are usually associated with incorrect drainage. When detecting a burning smell, make sure to switch the unit off immediately before calling an AC technician. These repairmen would check the cleanliness of the air filters and replace them if looking dirty. Also, they will remove mold spores and mildew from the system to eliminate the musty smell. In any case, musty odors are best prevented by regular system maintenance. The following link, https://www.wikihow.com/Clean-an-Air-Conditioner, explains how to clean an air conditioner. 

Frozen evaporator coils

Another AC issue that needs troubleshooting is frozen evaporator coils. These coils are full of refrigerant, making sure the heat is absorbed from the air completely. Unless warm air circulates these parts, they will not perform their function. Consequently, ice starts building up on the coils, indicating that your unit works harder than usual to keep the house cool. 

While it’s normal for AC systems to invest more power to cool homes in the summer period, there’s nothing normal about frozen condenser coils. Air-conditioning technicians advise homeowners to turn off the unit at the thermostat but switch on the fan, only setting for warm air to blow over the coils. When these professionals arrive to inspect the unit in person, they first check the air filters, which should be changed if clogged. Also, they would inspect the ducts and blower fans for possible damage. 

AC Repair and Tune Up 

Refrigerant and water leaks

Refrigerant and water leaks are among the most common AC defects reported by homeowners in Ridgewood. Nevertheless, refrigerant leaks are not reported until an obvious symptom of the malfunction is noticed, such as stains in a bright color appearing near the unit. These appear initially in coolant lines, which makes them undetectable. 

Water leaks, on the other hand, are much easier to notice. Apart from excessive moisture, visible water puddles under the unit are an unmistakable sign of a leak.  Numerous AC service Ridgewood experts offering high-quality solutions. The cause of refrigerant leaks is usually the degradation of lines and connections over time, whereas water leaks are mostly induced by defective condensate pumps and blocked drainage pumps. 

In case you suspect a leaking refrigerant, remember to switch the unit off and contact professional technicians. The more you delay reporting the issue, the higher the risk of compressor damage. Keep in mind that the compressor is one of the priciest parts to repair. Also, licensed air-conditioning technicians are certified in handling refrigerants, which is not the case with homeowners. 

Air Conditioning Repair 


Short-cycling is yet another air-conditioning issue that requires troubleshooting, referring to the inability of the unit to complete a full cooling cycle. Instead, the unit keeps on turning on and off repeatedly. Besides being annoying, this issue has the potential to cause severe damage to the compressor.

The role of air-conditioning technicians is to locate the cause of short-cycling, which might be as simple as an improperly calibrated thermostat or dirty air filters. Nevertheless, it might result from the installation of an air conditioner whose power is too much for the square footage of your home. In such a scenario, these experts will measure the cooling needs of your home to suggest a proper solution. 

AC Repair Man 

The bottom line

Regular repairs and maintenance are indispensable for your air conditioner to provide the summer comfort you need. 

Prevent small problems from turning into costly defects!


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